Nursing Home Neglact

When you place your loved one in an assisted living facility, you are trusting these homes to properly care for, respect, and comfort them. When these basic standards are not met, and nursing homes allow breaches of duty that lead to poor care and the suffering of your loved ones, this is nursing home neglect.

While nursing home neglect differs from nursing home abuse, it does not manifest itself as any less harmful. Attorney Stephen L. Grimm understands this and is prepared to put his 37 years of experience to use in protecting your loved one and holding these care facilities responsible and accountable.

If you are concerned or believe your loved one might be suffering from nursing home neglect it is important to understand what nursing home neglect entails:

  • Abandoning mobility-restricted residents in their rooms for hours at a time
  • Not providing medical assistance, nurses, or doctors when needed
  • Leaving residents in unsanitary situations such as unwashed clothes or bedding
  • The infrequent bathing of residents
  • Not providing residents adequate amounts of food or water
  • Failing to provide treatment for resident’s illnesses or injuries

Nursing home neglect is particularly tragic because it affects those most in need of care.

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