Stephen L. Grimm and his team are committed to helping their clients in the best way possible and when you choose Attorney Grimm for your case, you are getting assistance every step of the way.

Answer calls and responding back to emails after hours is quite common for Stephen Grimm. Keeping clients informed throughout the whole process is key so that no time or money is wasted during the legal process. Attorney Grimm knows that working through a case with a client can be daunting, so the need for transparency is always at the forefront.

As the attorney, Stephen Grimm is there to advise his clients as well as represent them and their legal rights.

His role includes but is not limited to:

  • Utilizing expert witnesses
  • Draft court and legal documents
  • Conduct depositions
  • Research and gather evidence
  • Prepare for trial and negotiate settlements
  • Conduct a mediation
  • Court appearances

As with any successful attorney, the need for assistance is always present. This is where Stephanie Noyes is able to use her expertise. Stephanie, the team Legal Assistant, works with Attorney Grimm when it comes to documenting client information regarding a potential case.

Her duties are as follows:

  • Orders records regarding medical facilities or the police
  • Files court documents
  • Schedule client meetings
  • Prepares files for motions and appeals

The type of assistance clients receive when working with Stephen L. Grimm does not end there. Potential clients will also work alongside a doctor and nurse if their case pertains to a medical claim such as anything involving pharmacies, medical errors or birth injuries.

The on-site doctor will fully review your records to find evidence of malpractice and solidify your case. The on-site nurse will assist them with medical malpractice case as well and contact the client if they have any questions or concerns.

Because each case is unique to Attorney Grimm, the different people involved and the complexity of each one, the process and time can vary case by case.

The time at which the case was filed can also take part in how long it will take to complete. If a case goes to trial, it can be a lengthy and expensive process that may result in settling out of court.

By settling out of court, the client might not receive the initial claim they were after but in the end, it saves time and money for everyone involved.

Finances will also play a role when taking on a case and Stephen L. Grimm is prepared to work with clients the best he can so that he is able to represent them. Typically, Attorney Grimm has a contingent fee of one-third of all sums received either by settlement or collected judgement.

The client does not owe a fee until the case it settled and monies are recovered, however the client is responsible for all our-of-pocket costs and expenses such as medical records and key experts. Having multiple options available is important when working for clients with different needs and budgets.

Stephen L. Grimm’s top priority continues to be what is best for the client and will always work hard to ensure each case ends with the best results.

If you have questions or would like to work with Stephen L. Grimm, please call (616) 459-0220 or email us at

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